Thursday, December 22, 2011

Playing around and a story about a food source I hadn't considered.

Smitten Block #3

Scout finds flannel fabric and immediately loses the ability to walk. 

Apparently, I have quilting ADHD.  I decided to crank out a couple of blocks for the Smitten quilt when I thought it would be fun to do some more wonky quilting.  After digging through my fabric to choose something appropriate, I spotted this baby fabric left over from a past project.  Having only 4 projects going right now, it seemed like just the time to start a baby quilt for a random baby yet to be named.  No, nobody I know is having a baby but that shouldn't stop me from being ready for such an eventuality.

By the way, I took a nap when I got home from work after eating an inordinate amount of very good food today.  The nap was interrupted when a cat (not the sweet girl pictured who was napping on my lap) mewed piteously and brought me a dead mouse that he was carrying in his mouth.  I assured him that I had enough to eat today, thank you very much, but that he was a very good provider.  And, that his friend needed to go outside.


  1. That fabric is so cute!
    I'm lucky, my boy likes to eat the mice himself and not share. But he used to always get shitty when I wouldn't let him bring it inside to eat. One night as payback, he sat right outside my open bedroom window, making sure I could hear him crunch the bones.
    I'm kinda glad he's old and lazy now :)

  2. While I am glad Nikko does not bring home mice, I wish the feral cats that inhabit the neighborhood would give up the choral antics and get to work on the mouse problem.

  3. Those blocks look incredible. I have still avoided the wonky blocks, but maybe 2012 will be the year I finally try! The kitty is incredible too :)

  4. I am a faithful addict of your wonky quilting! Flannel fabric materials were properly evaluated by your cat! :)