Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Orchid Update

I'm spending more time at work these days, but luckily for me I have my orchids to keep me company.  My father tells me only eccentric people keep orchids, but I think he is basing that theory on an extensive history of watching BBC mysteries. 

This one is a lady slipper and hasn't re-bloomed in two years.  I'm very excited and nervous about this bud.  I'm hoping that one day I'll get to work and she will be opening.

This pretty girl was a Christmas present from my parents.  She's very large and striking and has two branches full of blooms.  I think she will be with me throughout the legislative session.

And, finally, it snowed last night.  We got just a dusting, but my miniature evergreens really show it off well.  

In case anyone is wondering.  The recruit to the cat army hasn't been here in a couple of days - until just now when he showed up, well-fed and fluffy.  My guess is that the neighbor is taking him in.  I'm going to have a talk with her about neutering him (which needs to be done right away), but for now he is doing okay.  


  1. What a bright spot of beauty in a season that can be somewhat drab.

  2. Your orchids are beautiful! Check out the orchid panel fabric at Hancock's Paducah....saw it in the catalogue last night.

  3. Those are all so lovely. I hope mine will bloom once spring comes around.

  4. Those orchids are beautiful! I'd love to grow some myself, but I am very skilled at killing indoor plants.
    Glad to hear about the new recruit.
    And lucky you with the snow. We've finally got winter temps (after the crocuses had already bloomed and the daffodil shoots had reached 20cm), but I don't think snow is in the cards this winter :(