Saturday, January 7, 2012

Smitten 6 & 7

Smitten Block #6

Smitten Block #7
I really thought that I would get more than two blocks done this week.  We are starting our busy period at work on Monday.  This week hasn't been bad, but has been full of feeling the reality that things will be very different come Monday.  As for today, I'm heading into work to straighten up my office and get things ready.  I like to start organized and then let it wither away as time goes on.  I also hope there will be time to do some piecing this afternoon.

On Sunday, I hope to head out to pick out fabric with CF for her quilt.  Got that CF?  We should probably stop and get a pastry also.  Pastry always helps me when I pick out fabric.  


  1. I love your Smitten blocks - I loved the first one so much that I went and ordered up the pattern for it!

  2. I do love those blocks ... and yep, pastry too.

  3. Another couple of grear blocks.
    Mmmm.... pastry :)