Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hiking at Mt. Rainier - Chenius Falls

Here are some photos from yesterday's hike at Mt. Rainier via the Carbon River Road entrance.  The Carbon River Road has been washed out for a few years now, making it impossible to drive to the trailheads.  However, willing people can walk or mountain bike 5 miles over the closed road if they so choose.  Normally, hikes along former roads aren't that exciting, but this one is near a river and isn't so much of a road anymore.  All in all, we did about 11 miles yesterday.  We could even return to the Carbon Glacier if we were willing to hike in 5 miles, then 3.5 miles of trail and then hike back.  It remains to be seen if I want to hike 17 miles in a day. But, it is definitely possible.  More pictures are at the link to the right.

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