Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chinook Pass

Yesterday's hike was on the Pacific Crest Trail at Chinook Pass near the northeast corner of Mt. Rainier.  The weather was awesome and I was actually able to hike in shorts and a t-shirt until the last mile when I put on my raincoat because I was suddenly freezing and it was raining just a bit.  I can knock another 6 miles off the PCT (12 round trip).  More pictures below and here.

 I like this picture because it shows what we were hiking into - a nice sounding thunderstorm.  It got very cool when we turned the corner, but we didn't get wet.  Well,  we didn't get wet there.

Here is a picture of the trail.  Trail pictures make we want to hike.  I always want to know what is around that corner.

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