Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dutch quilt - assembly

So I have two rows done and three more to go.  This is a bit of an arduous process because my blocks aren't actually the same size.  There is no way to trim them down because I will lose my windmill points, so the only option is to add on.  I already planned on adding sashing strips, but I decided that I had to go with those little corner stones to help hide new seam lines.  That seems to be working; the stones aren't perfect when you look closely at them and I will make sure that everyone gets a glass of wine in them before looking at this quilt.  I had a hard time deciding what color to make the stones.  Should I use many colors, one of the prettier pinks or blues, or just go with one color?  In the end I decided to go with the gold squares you see above.  My thinking was that if I went with multiple colors, this could start to look busy and I would drive myself crazy trying to decide what color to use where.  I also thought that I could use a gold thread to quilt the pinwheels and using the gold as the cornerstones would help tie that together.  I actually like how it is coming together so I think I made the right choice.

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