Monday, October 10, 2011

A discussion of a trip to Utah with some pictures of Wisconsin


This is a disturbing sight when it's the first thing you see in the morning. 

Brewing beer at the New Glarus Brewery

Laverne and Shirley's new home. 
Two weeks ago I said I'd be back with some pictures of Wisconsin.  Honestly when I got back last week, I had so much to do that I just didn't get around to posting these. I was in a bit of a time constraint because I was back for three days and then I headed out to Salt Lake City for the Sewing Summit.  The Sewing Summit was great - a weekend of sewing classes and a shop hop to some of the local stores.  I bought an insane amount of fabric, won an insane amount of fabric, was given another insane amount of fabric, and won other great stuff like 20 spools of 50 # weight Egyptian cotton thread and a really cute book on doll quilts.  I'm inspired and ready to do some more quilting.

Oh, and Wisconsin with the family was exhausting and wonderful.  My parents' house attracts the local wildlife (as you can see above) and is a pretty nice place to go walking around and to just relax in.  My niece and nephew are really amazing kids and I was lucky enough to see my niece run in a cross country meet and I got to attend the homecoming parade which featured a float that my nephew worked on.  We all toured the New Glarus brewery because it wouldn't be Wisconsin without beer (and I managed to avoid eating a bratwurst).   All in all, a pleasant vacation.  Now I'm ready to do some serious quilting.  

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  1. So, do we get to see pics of the haul you bought back from sewing summit?