Monday, October 10, 2011

Booty! (no, not that kind)

This isn't the best picture of the thread that I won, but I like Scout's toes in the picture. 

A weekend's worth of damage - bought by me, given to me by the Sewing Summit and its sponsors, and some won by me.



Orange and yellow, featuring scraps I won from Fabricworm.

Black, grey, and circus animals.  

Fat quarters, solid charm squares, and small Christmas fabric from Moda.

112 charm squares from the charm square swap?  Yes, yes they are. 

Blues, baby. 

A hint of brown.

Pinks and reds.
See what I mean by too much stuff?  I won a lot of this which is pretty sweet.  Honestly, I could have left after the Shop Hop and been happy. I'm glad that I didn't because the classes and instructors were pretty awesome and inspiring.

Many thanks to the lovely Scout for providing her modeling services.


  1. Oh my gosh girl -you better start sewing!!!! What a haul. Scout did a great job modeling.

  2. Love the loot! Do you already have plans of what to do with some of it or are you not that obsessed? Um, organised. I meant, organised :)

  3. What a wonderful haul, you're going to have some fun with all of that :)

  4. Lovely, lovely fabrics and threads. Have fun with them! I'm sure Scout would love the threads as well.
    I'm a new follower and found you by just clicking a name on the list for the upcoming FNSI. (This will be my second FNSI.)