Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Piecing madness

All footprints will be washed away. I promise. 
Several days ago I promised Ms. IM an update on how her quilt was doing.  As you can see, it is under an appropriate level of supervision and is getting some necessary attention.  So far, its gone from 156 squares to 16 blocks to the current 7 blocks.  The hardest part now is keeping everything in order (thank you handy new design wall) and keeping the cats from stretching it while they sit on it.  This is about to be locked away in a plastic tub so I can finish the binding on another project that might make it to work tomorrow to be shown off.  Ladies, prepare your amazed sounds now.


  1. Is your table always that neat and organized? If so, can you come clean mine off? Love the quilt and the cat.

  2. That kitty face tells me that your comment about keeping the cats off the quilt was not well received. Too funny!