Friday, March 16, 2012

FNSI - Spinster quilt

Old Windmill
Trouble at the Old Mill!  I used blues for this to mimic wind.  The print is nicely offset by the solids here and that brighter blue is rather yummy.

Ozark Maple Leaf
I'm sticking with the fall theme for leaves.  This sat out for a couple of days until I felt like I could put these together.  I'm listing this and the Old Windmill under my FNSI post, but in reality both were done in small increments during the course of the week.  When I felt that I needed to play with fabric this week, I went ahead and played a little and got it out of my system for the moment.

Peace and Plenty
Have you ever had Good and Plenty candy?  I never liked that candy as a kid.  Licorice is one of those old timey candies that your grandparents told you how they used to eat it as kids and how it was such a treat. Then you thought long and hard about how awful growing up back then was if all they had was licorice candy or candy buttons stuck on paper that you could never get off without ripping the paper with them. All I'm saying is people were tougher back then. This is a long way of saying that the Good and Plenty candy came in a bright pink package.  I actually have fabric that mimics that package a little better, but I didn't think that it would be all that peaceful if I went full on Good and Plenty here.  By the way, I love licorice now - especially if it is in fennel or Ouzo.

Could I do anything with this other than make it periwinkle?  I actually thought about using some snail fabric I have but was concerned that it would not fit in with the rest of the blocks.  See?  I'm all about the restraint here.

Postage Stamp
Well, those seams didn't match up, did they?  I'm going to live with it.  After quilting I don't think it will be so obvious.  At any rate, this is inspired by the Inverted Jenny a most famous postage stamp.  Come to think of it, that stamp isn't perfect either.


  1. You got a lot done and ll are so nice.

  2. Lovely blocks! You were very busy!

  3. Hello, I have been searching for fabric with the good and plenty candy on it, when I googled that, your blog came up. I need a yard, any interest in selling yours, or some of it??? I am making surgical scrub caps and someone requested this kind of fabric! Thanks. My email is

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