Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Modern Blocks and Spinsters! Oh, my!

Everything Equal
 Over the weekend, I decided that I couldn't live with the improv block I made for Sew Mama Sew's Modern Block of the Month series.  Instead, I pulled out the Modern Blocks book and picked one that I thought would fit in nicely.  This is the result and I have to say I like it more than the improv block.  Guess I'm just not an improv kind of gal.  While I was at it, I decided that the February block for the MBOM series was too difficult for me to do.  So, I picked this block:
On the Plus Side (pieces)

On the Plus Side
 ...which somehow seemed easier to do at the time.    At any rate, wow, that was a day full of work and I took a nap after doing this.

 After getting caught up with the Modern Blocks of the Month, I settled in for some more Spinster blocks.  This one is Linoleum and is grey because I'm not going to lie; my linoleum really needs to be cleaned.
 This block is all yellow and flowers because I can't wait for flowers, springtime, and light in the morning.  Of course, daylight savings time is this weekend.  I didn't handle that information very well - I said a very dirty word when I found that out.  I'm not sure why I reacted that negatively, but I guess I'm not handling change very well.
Maple Leaf
 Speaking of change, my Maple Leaf is orange for the pretty, pretty fall leaves.  One of my neighbors had a beautiful maple tree that produced leaves about this color every fall.  I say, "had" because he had to cut it down after it was destroyed during the recent ice storm.  That was a loss and it will be much missed.
Handsome boy, with both ears.
This guy gets his picture here because he is going to the vet tomorrow.  You can kind of see the bubble on his ear.  I need to get that checked out and lanced if necessary to avoid being the worst cat owner in the world if it is causing him pain.  He actually doesn't seem phased by it, but I need to make sure he's fine and stays so very, very handsome.  Wish him and me luck at the vet tomorrow!

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