Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spinster Quilt Action and Smitten too

Pine Tree
 I showed this block to a friend of mine who said that the pattern looks like hops which makes me think I should be working on a beer themed quilt.  Nothing with novelty fabric in it, mind you.  It would have to be less literal.  I think blocks featuring colors used in labels from regional breweries would do the trick.  Don't worry, that plan won't be coming into play any time soon.
Practical Orchard
Outside my hometown in Wisconsin is an apple orchard.  We'd get some of the best apples in the world from there in the fall and visit it on school trips to see how cider was made.  My brother told me last fall that he picked up some apples from there for his family.  Best of all, it was still being run by the man who ran it when I was a kid.  By my calculations, he must be about 200 years old.
Cat on Fabric

Puss in Corner
Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Okay, enough of that.  I have a chair in the corner by my sewing table that the cats like to sleep on while I sew.  They also try to sleep on the fabric I'm working on and the chair I try to sit in, but that is just annoying.
I liked this Kaffe Fassett dot print for this block.  It reminds me of the warning lights around railroad tracks.  The result here is busy, but I don't think too busy.

Prairie Queen
I'm watching the Tudors for the third time and just saw the episode where Anne scandalized the court by showing up in purple.  How dare she wear purple when she isn't the queen?  How dare she!
Rainbow Flowers
 Blue skies for my rainbow of blue flowers.
Block #12

Block #13
I only have three blocks to go for my Smitten quilt. The fabric for block 14 is on my cutting board, but a cat is testing it and slowed production considerably.

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