Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to business

Now that the family is safely back in Wisconsin and the Cat Army is done sniffing everything they touched, I can get back to the business of obsessing about my Spinster Quilt.  I've decided to try to pick out patterns and/or colors that have something to do with the quilt block.  As you will see, it will be a stretch of my creativity to keep this up.  Let's see how it's going so far: 

Bat Wing
 The bat wing block, made from purple and gray colors because bats fly at night and are darkish.  Okay, like I said, it will be a stretch.
Big Dipper
I'm not going to try to claim that this has anything to do with the big dipper because it is red.  However, I will pretend that the swirls on this fabric mimic the milky way.
Birds in the Air
 Birds in the blue sky, baby.  Sometimes things just fall into place.
Flowers in a vase.  Can I just say how much I love that vase? Oh, yes, yes I can.  I love that vase.

Tomorrow (or the day after) will bring a Box and perhaps a Bowtie.

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  1. I'm waiting to see how all these blocks will go together. Nice progress!