Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spinster Quilt

Wood Lily

Basket (without the handle)

Basket Weave
The Wood Lily block was the most complicated block I've ever done and I feel like knocking on my neighbors' doors and showing it to them. I'm way too excited about how that turned out and am really getting into making these little blocks.  To help with the process, I've moved all my fabric bins from my spare room and put them squarely in front of the TV downstairs so I have easy access to them at all time.  It is a little distracting though, I was watching the Tudors (Note, not historically accurate, but fabulous) and thinking, I wonder if I have a color to match that dress - better dig through the bins to see.  It's a real problem.

I redid the Basket block to remove the handle.  In keeping in line with my rebellious spinster attitude, spinsters don't need handles.  They do, however, need beers with lime in them which was drunk in celebration after finishing off two quilts on the long-arm downtown.  The highlight of that was telling the saleslady there that I was using two colors on the Citrus Triangles Quilt, and I got a "Good on you, Girl" from her.  I love Bayside Quilting - they call me "hon" and "dear" there.  (You will see both the quilts that I finished as soon as the binding is put on them.)

And, finally, I was in a take no prisoners kind of mood last night so I finished off the Basket Weave block.  It's insanely easy if you follow the suggestions of Grey Cat Quilts, however, I laid it out slightly differently because I keep looking at the original one and thinking how much like a Nazi symbol it looks like (a problem with repetitive squares in the quilting business).


  1. The wood lily looks stunning.
    And, on a general note - I love your cats :)

  2. I love, love, love your Wood Lily! It's so fresh and crisp in those oranges. Of course, I might have a slight addiction to orange...

  3. Wow, the wood lily block is fantastic - I've not reached that one yet, I've been boringly working in order.