Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In - July Results


Bow Tie
Another Friday Night Sew-In and another two blocks of the Spinster Quilt completed.  I'm up to 12 now which means I am no longer in triple digits of blocks yet to complete; I now have 99 to go.  The Box block was made with fabric with squares and rectangles on it - get it, boxes? That's right, I'm that clever. The Bow Tie just looks like a bow tie and I couldn't really find two nice black fabrics to go together to make it a black tie event.  I ended up using some more Tufted Tweets fabric because I just really like that fabric line.

I'm off to post my results on various places on the internet and then to watch a special on the Donner party (motto: if there was anything we could have done wrong on this trip, we did it twice).  This special is not the one featured on American Experience which I watched once and can never watch again because of the major heebie jeebies it produced in me.  It probably doesn't matter, I'll be off hiking in the snow and eating meat for a few days now and I'll be sizing up strangers in Safeway to judge who will eat or be eaten.  And, with that cheery thought, FNSI is officially over.  Pleasant dreams (insert maniacal laughter).


  1. I love your fabrics, especially the orange piece. The FNSI is a great opportunity to get in some serious sewing. I'm always excited to get to sew without people bothering me.... LOL
    Take care.

  2. just popped over from Heidi's, great stuff, looks very colourful!

  3. great work,well done

  4. I love your blocks - the bow tie and the box are two of my favourites so far. I'm persevering with the birds in the air at the moment!

  5. Especially like your 'box' block! I see you are from W WA - me too!