Friday, July 29, 2011

Spinster Quilt - Nature, and too much information about buzzards.

From a butterfly...
....comes a butterfly.
Butterfly in the Crossroads
And, from Buzzards....

Source: (Yes, this would freak me out if I saw this in person.)
....come a buzzard roost.

Buzzards Roost
Poor buzzards.  Their incredible evolutionary adaptations have made them pariahs of the animal world.  Do they get credit for their adaptations for their diet of dead things?  No, instead they are scorned for their bald heads and excellent sense of smell.  And, no, they don't actually know when things are going to die which is a fact that I repeat to myself as they follow me when I go hiking in the desert southwest. In fact, I've been know to recite this fact to them as they hover over me, "You, know, you don't have any power over who lives and who dies.  Perhaps you should have developed some hunting skills."

I admire the buzzards and the niche they occupy in our landscape.  They aren't aggressive and they keep our roads clean of dead possums and raccoons.  Sure, I'm not inviting them over for dinner - these are, after all, animals who pee on themselves to cool down.  Seriously, guys, evolution may have made your great at what you do, but do you have to do everything to emphasize that?

But, enough of the basic biology lesson taught by a woman who has just had a beer.  I've finished two more blocks.  The butterfly is blue because I love me some exotic butterflies.  The buzzard block is black because of the whole association with death thing and has flowers on it because they are part of our circle of life and deserve some pretty to show we appreciate what they do.  Just don't do it in my backyard.  (A phrase that is so true for so many things._

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  1. I am quite excited about this whole spinster quilt project, quite excited.