Monday, July 25, 2011

Spinster Quilt - 3 more blocks of pretty

Broken Dishes 
Broken Sugar Bowl 
I got to spend some quality time at home today while waiting for the building inspector to come and inspect my new water heater.  Yes, a building inspector had to come in from the county to inspect my water heater which I have been using since its installation two weeks ago.  He came in, shown a flashlight on it, signed my paper and left.  The whole transaction took less than a minute, but now my water heater is legal and no longer living below the law.

Today I worked through the patterns involving broken crockery.  I give you Broken Dishes, done in yellow because my dishes are yellow and Broken Sugar Bowl done in shades of orange because my sugar bowl is orange.  The brightly colored Buckwheat block harkens back (I just used harkens in a sentence, holla!) to my life as a fifth grader surrounded by other fifth graders who were comic geniuses (as all fifth graders are).  A syllable in my last name sounds like "Buck" so they called me Buckwheat after the Lil' Rascals character.  All similarities between me and the adorable youngster from yesteryear end there.  So, why the bright colors?  Because that fabric is exactly the kind of fabric that would have made my fifth grade bad self swoon.  I had taste back then, oh yes I did.


  1. I'm going to love seeing how these all go together. You have quite a few by now and lots of bright colors.