Friday, February 17, 2012

FNSI - February results

Warning, this post contains gratuitous kitty nipples and should only be viewed by adults who can handle that sort of thing.  Please know that no cats were hurt in the making of this post, but were rewarded with scritches and cheese.

Scout is bringing sexy back. 

Sam is properly horrified by this display.

Tonight for Friday Night Sew-in, I finished up two more blocks for my Smitten quilt with much assistance from the cat army. Here the word "assistance" is defined as "annoyance."  I kid, I kid, their crazy amount of interest in fabrics that much be cut accurately with sharp instruments is endearing.  Well, not really, but they clearly need some attention so I called it quits after two blocks.  We are going to spend some quality time on the couch discussing why we all have needs and boundaries that should be respected.


  1. I like the new Smitten blocks and your beautiful Quilt Inspectors. I only have the one inspector these days - she's very diligent and persistent though!

  2. My eyes are old and need *good* lighting to be able to sew well. I currently have 4 lights set up on/near my sewing table ... but even with 4 lights, I'm not getting as much good lighting as I'd like/as I need (I need more lighting spotlighted on the bed of my sewing machine to make sure that I'm sewing an accurate 1/4" seam, I need more lighting to adequately light my 24"x36" cutting mat to make sure that I'm cutting accurately). I'm ready to upgrade ... it looks like the Ott Light you have does a fantastic job. What kind of Ott Light are you using?

  3. Adorable! I always have lots of feline help when I quilt, too. I like the blocks you are working on. They have a very Mediterranean look.

  4. They just know how to get what they want .. clever little "helpers". Very nice blocks!

  5. Lovely, very lovely blocks, including the ones in your other posts. As for kitty nipple (LOL!! Too funny!!) I just bet they explained to you that they have no boundaries and you better behave and pay more attention to them! Lovely kitties too. (I am going to follow you - not stalk - just follow)