Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grapes, Hills, and Honey

Grape Basket
I know that grape things are purple.  That's what I learned in grade school and an elementary school in a small farming community can only provide the best education possible.  However, I usually get green grapes at the store and when I went on my winery tour, the Chardonnay grapes were green.  Huh.  Still, I see purple grapes now and then. I just think it is funny that grapes aren't usually associated with the color green.  But, then, there was that Sesame Street sketch I watched as a kid which featured greedy Greg grabbing the green grapes so, really, there's no telling what color this block should have been.  If you can tell, I'm feeling homesick.  It's been that kind of day.  Mom and dad, expect a visit from me at session end.
Evening Star
 I decided that I really needed to make this block over again.  I liked my previous Evening Star, but the flowers were just a little too big and I knew that it would eat at my every time I looked at it in the finished quilt.  Rather than give me years of worry, I decided to do it again.  I am very pleased with the result.
Hill and Valley
Wow, I must really be homesick right now.  The name Hill and Valley makes me think of my grandparent's farm in Wisconsin.  They retired from farming before I came along (or shortly thereafter) and I never got to visit it while it was their working farm.  I did get to visit it as my grandparents remained on friendly terms with the purchaser.  I remember my grandfather pointing at the neighboring hills and telling me that my dad planted trees on them.  I hope those trees are still there.
Honey's Choice
I'm the only Honey around here, and my choice is to make this block bright orange and yellow.  I make very good choices, don't I?


  1. Love all of your blocks, and how each one seemed to remind you of special memories in your life! xo

  2. I love how you have personal stories for each block. And the white makes them all sparkle!