Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home, Birds, and Kitchens

Homeward Bound
Home is in Wisconsin, the land of Badger Red and White.  There was no doubt that this block would be in Badger Red and White.  Once a Badger, always a Badger.

Of course I made this block golden yellow, with dots to mimic a honeycomb.  Now that I look at it, it kind of is disturbing to me.   There is something about groups of circles that I find slightly unsettling; I guess they are too much like white blood cells or something along those lines.  This will be the honeycomb, white blood cell block.  Blergh.

Hovering Birds
Did you know that the Pied Kingfisher hunts by hovering above water?  Did you know that this black and white bird can swallow its prey mid-flight and thus can fly over great distances of water?  Well, now you do.  Got a little David Attenborough on you just now.
Hovering Hawks
My hawks are Red-Tailed Hawks.  These are North America's most common hawks and can be found in open areas because they prefer fields and deserts in which to hunt.  The Red-Tailed Hawk displays aggressive posture when it holds its body and head upright while its feathers are standing erect.  But, then, you probably would have figured that was aggressive behavior if you saw that in the wild and wouldn't need me to tell you this.
Last time I was home, my dad gave me a black jackknife.  It's a great knife with a blade that will actually be big enough to slice an apple with when I go hiking.  That's the thing about why I like that knife; it isn't a cute girl knife, but an actual knife that will perform a function and doesn't have to be cute.  It replaces the cute girl knife I got from a now ex-boyfriend.  For some reason it was pink and way too small to be of use. You could kind of poke at an apple with it, but that was about it.  Oh, but so cute!  Seriously.  Not everything made for women needs to be pink and small.  Sometimes a welcome gift is one that actually works.  Rant ends here.
Kitchen Woodbox
I made this block out of kitchen chairs.  I cheated a bit to use more of the print, rather than have a solid white center.  I like it this way and wish I had kitchen chairs that looked like this.  Someday.   Someday.


  1. You've been very productive. I like that you explain why you chose the colors you did!

  2. Those are great blocks and the explanations add a bit of whimsy to them.

  3. Love all the blocks you've been showing us lately

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