Sunday, February 5, 2012

My back hurts.

January - Modern Block of the Month
My back does not hurt from any of my quilting activities.  I'm sore because I'm still doing clean up in the yard from our snow and ice event of two weeks ago.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day that was chilly but sunny and it was perfect for hauling branches across the yard and making a very big pile.  There is a rumor going around that our homeowner's association is hiring a wood chipper to take care of everything. I'll give it a few weeks then make arrangements for my very big pile to go away.  Unfortunately for my back, I only finished the front yard.  The back yard and its many fallen branches await.  They won't get picked up today.  I'm going to make tuna casserole (because I make an awesome tuna casserole) and do some cleaning here.  Oh, and watch some football and maybe address my neglected Spinster Quilt.

Until then, here are some more improv blocks.  These are great to do when you want to sew, but can't be tied down by accuracy.


  1. Backs don't like bending over no matter what you are picking up. We had a Scout service day with my Cub Scouts last Sunday afternoon and I knew it would be lots of bending over because we were cleaning a local park. Too bad I can't send you those little kids. They are so full of energy and much nearer the ground.

  2. Ouch, cleaning the yard can be punishing on the back. Don't worry, your back pain will go away eventually. By the way, those are very lovely quilt designs you got there. I especially loved the one with the penguin. :)

  3. Hiring a wood chipper is a brilliant idea, my friend. He lessens your workload, which helps you alleviate your back pain. =) If you are still experiencing this aching (but, I hope NOT), I think you should avoid working so hard, have a massage therapy, and consider undertaking chiropractic treatment. The process is quick, and it can definitely reduce your pain in just a snap. ^.^

    Quentin Edberg

  4. You did the cleaning all by yourself? Aww! You should’ve asked someone to help you. By the way, how’s your back now? You should consider going through some therapy or do some exercise to stretch those muscle pains away.