Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Friendship, Gardens, and Fancy Gentlemen

Friendship Block
 I am in the zone for these blocks.  If I didn't need to go to work and sleep occasionally, I'd probably spend all my time picking out fabric for the next block.  This is the Friendship Block, made for my friend MOS whose birthday is in October.  The birthstone for October is the opal and this imitates an opal nicely.  This is also rather ironic and I think MOS would find it amusing that I used such a delicate pink for her.  She's a jewel-toned kind of gal, but I thought that this would be fun in a "aren't you really a delicate spring flower" kind of way. Please don't tell her I did this.
Garden Path
 OH. MY. God.  How much do I love this block?  I love it.  I really, really love it!  How does your garden grow? My garden grows green - so very green. And, people who are making their own Farmer's Wife quilt may notice that I redid the center square to avoid y seams.  I'm clever that way and I really don't like y seams.
Gentleman's Fancy
My first instinct with this one was to laugh uncontrollably.  Gee, how do I interpret what a gentleman fancies? I made some lust-type jokes to myself and then told myself to grow up because sewing is serious business.  Anyway, I am a sucker for a gentleman in a grey suit.  A fancy gentleman would wear a jaunty dotted tie.  Fancy, indeed.

Next up, a remake of a block I decided didn't work with the others.  Not all of my children turn out well when compared to their far more stellar brothers and sisters.  


  1. NIce blocks! I really love what you did with Garden Path.

  2. Hehe, when you say fancy gentleman, I think gigolo.

    Great blocks. Were you tempted to go red lace for the last one?