Thursday, June 16, 2011

A back and a front, or a front and a back.

The completed front of the Union Jack Quilt.

I like how determined she looks.  Also, her back leg is slightly invisible which I find disturbing.

The completed back of the citrus quilt.

The profile shot to make us all squee.
I took yesterday off work to work in the garden so it immediately rained and/or was cloudy and cold for most of the day.  That's okay.  I took the opportunity to do some quilting and I will not complain that at about 3 in the afternoon, the heat kicked on.  In June.  However, I did manage to find some sun breaks and take a picture or two of the finished front of the Union Jack Quilt. I also decided that it was about time that I took a picture of the back of the Citrus Triangles Quilt.

The fabric for the backing of the CTQ was given to me by a friend of mine from work.  I really like DS, she is so generous and thoughtful and so supportive of my quilting endeavors.  She's a very crafty lady herself and is currently focusing on her knitting, but she has hand quilted in the past.  A couple of weeks ago, I had her over for dinner so I could show her my stash and I showed her the quilt top for the CTQ.  She was so funny, she said, "I have to tell you, I'm looking at your points.... and they look pretty good....."  This was followed by a "Yes!" from me.  Anyway, when I started the CTQ, I showed DS the fabrics I was going to be using and the next day she brought be the orange, lime, and lemon fabric above.  She wanted to donate it to the project and told me to use it or not use it in anyway I saw fit.  She purchased it in the 1980's and hasn't gotten around to using it herself.  I knew immediately that I was absolutely going to use it and I just had to figure out how.  I decided that the best way was to incorporate it in the backing because I didn't want to darken the front.  But since it was a citrus theme, the citrus fabric she gave me would be most appropriate.  Now all I have to do is quilt it and it will be done.

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