Saturday, June 4, 2011

Union Jack Quilt

I have finished piecing the backing for the Citrus Triangles Quilt, but haven't taken a picture of it yet.  However, I have decided what my next project will be - a Union Jack Quilt to commemorate the fact that I finally have decided to go to London.  Yup!  I'm going to the land where they make Gileses (a little Buffy the Vampire reference, but I love the idea that I'm going to where they make Gileses) and all the history.  Here's the thing, even as a teenager growing up in Wisconsin I was obsessed with British history.  I read books about all the monarchs including everyone's favorite, Henry VIII and his offspring.  (Oh, Mary, I know you had a horrible childhood but did you have to take your aggressions out by burning everyone? A little extreme sports or bad poetry writing would have helped and sorry about the hysterical pregnancy, that must have been embarrassing.)

At any rate, I'm extremely excited to go where the history is and that's why I'm making this:
I'm making the large one. 

Since taking this picture, I've already decided on a different red. 
I doubt I'll get much done on this today.  It is likely to break 70 degrees and that means I have to go buy plants that will slowly die in the garden.  I'm going to go with native plants to try to stop their inevitable deaths and my ultimate defeat.  I'm also going to pump up my tires on my bike and take it out for a spin.  That should lead to much pain and suffering later as well.  Cheers!

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  1. Great idea for a quilt. I don't think of myself as a history buff but I've read almost all the Anne Perry mysteries and others from an earlier time frame.