Friday, June 3, 2011

A flower update

To celebrate the fact that we are finally supposed to have nice weather this weekend, I've decided to post way too many flower pictures again.  We get a little strange here when the temperatures finally hit the 70's.  I expect to see lots of people in shorts and sandals and I'll be wearing my long pants and shoes with socks because even though it is in the 70's I live in the woods and it takes until August for my house to warm up.  On deck for this weekend - cleaning the deck.
Slowly taking over the front and the back yards.  
This is the first year this girl has put up buds.  I'm very excited.
A gift from a friend who was excited to learn that I like odd looking plants. 
A little pretty mixed in with another successful ground cover. 
The Candy Cane Rhododendron.  
My first ever rhododendron purchase, made seven years ago.  
This Mexican Orange is taking over the back yard.  
Hostas featuring my nemesis the strawberry plant which were ripped out mercilessly after this picture was taken. 
I'm extremely proud that my peony is putting up buds in the one sunny spot in my yard.  

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