Sunday, June 12, 2011

Union Jack Quilt

The left side of the Union Jack to be joined by....

...the right side. 
Wow, I had no idea I just started this last week.  Doing a quilt that requires piecing large pieces of fabric together really goes quickly.  This is a fun project, and I got to use a template for the first time but that just makes me dislike templates a bit.  Here is the whiny portion of this blog post.  Yes, it is going quickly.  This is despite the fact that I had to remake the solid red stripes because the directions for the template didn't say that I should turn the template upside down for half of the stripes.  This would have been helpful.  Sigh.  Also, the directions for the template were confusing.  I was directed to cut out paper according to measurements in the pattern.  But when cutting fabric out around the template, the directions said to keep a quarter inch seam allowance.  I wasn't sure if that meant when I cut it if I was to cut a quarter inch beyond the template and if that was the case why wasn't the template just made a quarter inch bigger?  Much like the city of London during World War II, I carried on and figured I could trim down as needed.

I only need to put the red stripe down the middle and then work on the back.  Overall, I like it even though the points aren't nearly as sharp as I would like them to be.  I do know more now that I've done this once and will be ready with sharp points and an upside down template next time.


  1. Oh those little snags ... but it's looking good. Can't wait to see it together.

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