Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ingie Quilt

Many months ago, a friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to make her a quilt.  Of course I leapt at the opportunity to make a quilt for someone who actually wanted one, but I had some conditions.  It would take me months to make one, I get veto authority over the pattern, and I will not do applique.  After IM accepted these conditions, I handed her all my quilt books and told her to pick out a pattern.  Months passed during which she was too busy, I was too busy, and life got in the way.  Eventually, she showed me the pattern she chose.....

Does Not Compute
.... from this book....

Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo Davis
...and then she told me her conditions.  She didn't want the robot, and she wanted it in off-white and shades of pink.  After confirming with her that she really didn't want the robot, "Are you suuuure you don't want the robot?" I proceeded to dream up how to do this.  It's actually a simple Amish Brickwork pattern without the robot and since the background was now the foreground, I decided to make the blocks a slightly bit bigger to show off the material she chose. I'm showing you all this because the final project is going to bear little resemblance to the pattern, but I love how patterns and ideas take shape.  Then came the most important part, picking the material, and she chose well, very well...

This fat quarter bundle and IM met and they knew it was meant to be. 
With directions and a jaunty spring to my step, I started strip piecing and cutting......
First batch of 21 blocks completed. 
Only 11 more sets to go and then I can start putting this together.  It will go quickly, I think, but I have other projects to keep happy so it won't be overnight.  I can tell already that I am going to like how this turns out.


  1. That is so funny! I'm sure you are more than up to that challenge. I think you should sneak in a robot on the back.

  2. She didn't want the robot? I don't understand! lol
    Looks like a great book.... Which is now going on my shopping list. Ta :)

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