Monday, August 15, 2011

More orange and some pink

When last we spoke, I said that I was going to do two batches of blocks of this quilt and then two blocks of the Spinster Quilt.  Well, I threw that out the window right away because it really makes more sense to do three batches of blocks for the Ingie quilt and then two Spinster Quilt blocks.  These blocks are just too easy and come together quickly, plus I only have two more sets of three to do which is much more reasonable than three sets of two.  Really, the math makes sense to me.  Really.

In deer news, I wanted to mow the lawn yesterday but a pair of deer had bedded down in the backyard and spent a few hours chewing their cud and otherwise being really, really sweet. I decided there was no need to chase them out with the lawn mower.  Unfortunately, I will have to address the growing lawn that provides a good bedding to the local deer community.


  1. That's the best excuse I've ever heard for not mowing the lawn! Love it :)

  2. Yep, any excuse is good but that one is the best!