Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In - November Edition. The results.

Block #6

Block #7
Friday Night Sew-In is over for another month.   I only finished two blocks this time, but it was a lot of fun to get that done and know that other people were working on their projects as well.  I'm off to post my results on the FNSI flickr page.


  1. Yay, those are wonderful! It was indeed fun to know that there were lots of others sewing, too.

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!

    ~ Ronda (who was knitting... got a deadline.)

  3. I love your fabrics, especially the pine needles!

  4. Two blocks is two more than you had done Friday morning. It's fun to know people all over the world are stitching away isnt it?

    I really like your blocks.