Monday, November 15, 2010

The Stimpy Quilt - Blocks 1 - 5

My first block - that center square is 1.5 inches. 

I do love a good four square block.  

The center block is made up of 2 and 3/16 inch squares.

This shadow of a cat is a reminder that the final product will have to be laundered before used by the family member with cat allergies.  

I took my final furlough day today and am done with those until the end of the fiscal year.  Since it was (and still is) raining out, I thought a day of quilting would be in order.  I finished up five blocks of this puppy and am getting the hang of it.  Note to my brother:  Some of these squares call for half square triangles of impossible to measure lengths (2 and 3/16 inches).  It may be slightly difficult to get them all to match up and look pretty with the borders.  Take out your contacts before viewing this quilt and you should be happy.

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