Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There was not a lot of happiness in the cat army today.  

Sam decides his next move.  At no point did I tell him that he had to go outside.  

All the action (ice) was on the ground for this one.  
Visitors who aren't cats make it here too.  
I hope this melts tomorrow.  

I worked from home today so I could avoid the sheets of ice on the road.  It really is about as icy as I've ever seen it out here - during my walk today I nearly did the splits while crossing the road.  Luckily no one was around or the sound of my scream drowned out the laughter.  At any rate, I'm going to make a break for it tomorrow afternoon.  Temperatures should get above freezing then and it would be nice to leave the bunker for a little bit.

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