Sunday, December 26, 2010

The blocks are done!

Block 25

Block 26

Block 27

Block 28

Block 29

Block 30
Whew!  I've finished piecing all the blocks for my brother's quilt.  I'm going to lay them out tonight and see how they look together.  I've told myself to go ahead and remake anything that doesn't look like it fits in.  I kind of hope that doesn't happen, but I know myself enough that I will never be able to look at this unless it looks perfect in my eye.  I talked to my brother yesterday and told him he'd be getting a quilt in a month or two and he was excited and really surprised - which makes me think my blog readership among my family isn't quite what I thought it would be.  :)

Off to work off yesterday's cheese and pasta fest on the treadmill.  (I'm going to work out on the treadmill, not that the pasta fest occurred on the treadmill.)

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  1. I'll bet they go together quite well. I love those nature prints