Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A finish - just in time for Christmas

Bet you all had forgotten about this one....

Halloween Mix-Tape, the front.

A quilting close-up. 

The highly pieced back. 
Whew, didn't think I'd get this one done in time for Christmas. Not that it is a Christmas present, but that was my goal and I wanted to make it.  Over the weekend I finally managed to get this into town and quilted it on the long-arm.  It was my fourth attempt to quilt it.  That's right four attempts - one involving actually loading it onto the long-arm and then unloading it when I discovered that the long-arm machine wasn't in service that day.

At any rate, I used a free motion stipple pattern which I am claiming looks like spooky ectoplasm over the top of the quilt.  (I really don't think it is Christmas unless someone brings up ectoplasm.)  I used up all my scrap Halloween fabric for the back and then had to convince the woman at the LQS that it was indeed the back.  I thought it was funny (irritating) that the woman who helped me on attempt one really didn't like that I pieced the back.  She was fussing about how now I had to have it perfectly centered and that would be so much more work.  I told her my intention was not to have it perfectly centered and it was carefully measured so as not cut off the top or bottom of the pieced rows after it was quilted.  Her response was basically, "well, I know you don't mind that it isn't centered."  Sigh, the first encounter with the quilt police is always the hardest.

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  1. Ah, the quilt police. Who needs them!
    You will be all ready for Halloween next time around.