Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bob gets stoned

The cat army does have its admirers.  Their loving and kind sitter brought them a Christmas present - a firmly compacted catnip ball.  Bob immediately claimed it as his own.  

"What's that noise?"

"Oh catnip ball, you will be mine. "

"Wait, what just happened?"
Thank you Karen! Bob, Sammy and Scout love this.  (Well, Sam and Scout will when they get a chance to try it out.)  You've managed to find the perfect gift for these guys.  It's a Festivus Miracle.  :)


  1. I'm glad they like it. This is an awesome blog. You are so clever! Have a great holiday, Karen

  2. Be careful that this does not get squashed under a door (like ours did)! The cats got it off in the corner and, well ... I have to get another one, they really did like it.