Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In - December Edition (Pt. 2) The results.

I don't think I had ever looked forward to quilting as much as I did yesterday.  I had a really busy work week and just needed to do something different and a tiny bit artistic.  Plus, I needed to feel a sense of accomplishment because sometimes at work I feel a bit like I'm constantly rolling that stone up the hill - only most of the time I can't get the momentum to get that stone started in the first place. But, this is not about me whining about futile efforts, no, this is about Friday night sew-in.

Block 23. 
I was and still am very proud at how well this one came together.  The squares are 2 and 3/16 ths - there's bound to be some errant cutting with the 3/16ths.  I find drinking wine during this process reduces the stress level.

Block 24
I tore through this one. When I finished I thought that I was going to get so many blocks done and it would be the most productive night of quilting ever.  Then this happened.....

Resistance is futile.  
Sam has a way of getting me to curl up around him when he needs a nap.  He throws his weight against me and I sort of envelope him.  He then sleeps for as long as my legs will let him.  I'm kneeling at the table in this picture.  But, this signaled an end to the evening and a time to pay attention to the cats.  Here's the thing:  when the cats want attention, they get it and there is no discussion.  Maybe that sounds sad, but they are all rescue cats and I am honored that they want the attention at all.  I know a woman (who is better than me - you can tell in the way she talks to me. I'm not sure that she is better than me, but she is very certain) who I told this to and she rather snottily said, "well, if I did that I wouldn't get anything done."  And I thought, yes, but you just told me about how your cat peed on your ironing board and I don't have that problem.

Anyway, I digress.  Today is attempt four at quilting the Halloween quilt.  I'm fairly certain locusts or meteors will stop my trip into town today.


  1. Hey...I know that woman too. Funny, she's better than me too.

    You are so funny. Thanks for the laugh today. I enjoy watching your blocks come together. It's good to know that someone else quilts with wine. It helps to also look at your quilts with a little wine. They just look better that way.

  2. I find cats getting in the way of my progress quite often. And I need the snuggling as much as they do, so I usually comply. THe one who needs the most attention can be very demanding when she's in the mood! You did complete some nice blocks though, and I'm sure the cat therapy was good for you!