Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Putting the blocks together.

Bob demonstrates the skills that earned him the title, "world's most annoying cat."

30 blocks needing a border, or two. 
My cats have the ability to inflict themselves in my projects, sometimes while the fabric is going through the sewing machine and while I'm desperately trying to push the fabric through the sewing machine despite the 15 pound weight that is now sitting on it.  Sorry Bob, now everyone knows you are getting ready for a long winter.

Regardless of the time-out to deal with the annoying cuteness around me, I got the blocks all pieced together.  They now need a green border, followed by another striped border.  I decided that all of the blocks I made worked together and so I ended up keeping them all.  I'm very pleased with the results.


  1. Oh My! That turned out fantastic! Don't you just love putting all the blocks together at last? Is that Bob's butt on block number 29 in the post below? LOL!

  2. That is just getting better and better by the day. Tell that cat if he isn't part of the solution, he should stop being part of the problem!