Friday, December 19, 2008


Since it is the Christmas season and that means eating too much, I decided to make fudge.  Not marshmallow, no cook kind, but the real honest to god, use a candy thermometer and keep stirring kind.  In my humble opinion, the results  were fantastic.  I added some peppermint flavoring and ended up with a dark chocolate peppermint fudge.  I also decided to try something a little different with the pan.  Last year I purchased a silicone mini tart pan to make lime curd tarts in. They turned out great, even though I could have made the crusts slightly thinner.  At any rate, I decided to use the silicone pans for the fudge.  I thought that the fudge would peel out of the pans and then be in yummy fudgy shapes.  It actually worked.  I now have large pieces of mint fudge in the shape of mini tarts.  It is very cool and I plan to bring them to work to share.  

I also made oatmeal butterscotch bars, but that was completely accidental.  I thought I was buying cinnamon chips (which make incredible oatmeal cookies) and inadvertently purchased butterscotch chips.  Oh well, the butterscotch bars are just fine and I've frozen them to take to the next bake sale at work. That's assuming I don't unthaw them and eat them during my snowy confinement here.  

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