Friday, December 19, 2008

Storm 2008 - Day Two

My captivity by snow continues into day two.  It snowed again last night and has reached a high of 30.  I just got back from checking out the roads (on foot) and discovered that there is about 4 inches of ice/packed snow down.  While I could probably get out, I choose not to. The weather report says not to worry.  We are expected to get freezing rain and high winds in the next two days.  Which means that I get all the fun of being isolated with the added benefit of not having power.  I can't wait.  Luckily, I got cat food before all this started and I have lots of cheese and apples for myself.  

By the way, for more storm pictures, click here.  


  1. Your pictures of the snows - in that forsaken place that looks like WI but has Pine Trees rather than Oaks - are totally beautiful. Lovely country, how many months of snow do you have there? Can you ski to work?
    Play it safe and eat lots of good Italian Food, it will keep you warm and happy. Fudge helps!
    Actually, your snow is prettier than ours, and ours is getting fat!

  2. You are right, a good lasagna would have gotten me through that! Snow is pretty rare here which is the source of my whining on-line. However, I've decided to buy snowshoes so I will be able to get out of here next time!