Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's curtains again.

The cats have diligently worked to make sure that they are involved in everything that goes on around here.  Some time ago, they decided that they needed to be able to sit in the window above my bed without dealing with those pesky blinds.  Accordingly, they knocked small, cat sized holes on both sides of the blinds - an entrance and an exit for their convenience.  Not wanting to be an exhibitionist for my neighbors, I've decided to put up curtains over the damaged blinds.  I'm not replacing the blinds because I sense a pattern here.  Today seems like a good day to work on the curtains, but as you can see Sammy and Scout need to be involved. Scout is sleeping on the fabric right now which gives me the opportunity to blog about it.  

Sammy is a little better at this game than Scout is.  He actually got me to wrap my arms around him on the fabric and then he fell asleep, trapping my hands under his chin.  I stood there for about 10 minutes until parts of my body started falling asleep and became confident that standing up would not result in a call to the ASPCA.  

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