Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Storm 2008

I think I can be officially called a wimp for not trying to go to work today and taking a snow day instead.  But, in my defense, the roads have been complete sheets of ice for the last 48 hours and 3/4ths of my committee also didn't go to work.  Having said that, I thought you'd appreciate some pictures of the great snow storm of 2008.  I may or may not get out tomorrow, I'm hoping I get out.  Since I have cleaned everything in the house and started a blog during my one day of isolation, the only thing left is to turn into Jack Nicholson in the Shining.  If one of the cats tries to get me to "correct" another cat, we will know things have gotten out of hand.  I also plan to bake later and I still have to finish the curtains in my bedroom. 

Thank all that is good and pure that I made it to the liquor store two days ago.  I have some sparking apple juice and some pear vodka that should help me get through the evening.  There is nothing like a fancy drink in a pretty glass to make watching network TV palatable.  

The fed ex driver just stopped by (with chains on her tires) and dropped off a box of cat toys I ordered a couple of days ago.  They are "interactive" which I hope means that they will be played with when I am not around.  The cat army grows restless with snow on the ground.  

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