Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scout - Before and After

I think Scout deserves a before and after post too.  I got Scout over two years ago when a woman at work put out an e-mail asking someone to help a cat she was feeding in her parking lot.  She believed the cat had been abandoned by tenants in her apartment complex when they moved.  She said that the cat was very sweet and she was concerned and didn't want the little thing to be hurt by people anymore.  Well,  I had to take her in.  (After having my friends berate me about only having one cat and how I could easily fit this little one into my home.)  I went to the woman's apartment with the intention of meeting the cat, but it became clear she needed to come home with me.  She was scared out of her little cat mind and very, very thin.  I locked her in a bedroom and then took her to a veterinarian the next day.  She was covered with fleas, scabby, severely dehydrated and starving.  She was also incredibly affectionate, which was a little rough on me because she was scabby and covered with fleas.  At any rate, this is what she looked like when she moved in......

... and this is Scout after living with me for two years.  This picture was taken during the Democratic National Convention as she anxiously awaited Barack Obama to speak.  Scout is a huge Obama fan.  Don't even get her started about Sarah Palin - it makes her very upset.

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